Sunday, June 5, 2011


A couple of months ago, I was commissioned to make a dark blue Yoshi. I adore Yoshi. Those of you who grew up playing Super Mario Bros, as I did, will likely understand. The faithful little riding buddy to our hero plumber, Mario, Yoshi was a great addition to the series. He makes the cutest noises during game play. I can't help but smile when he gulps down the Yoshi fruit. I love how on all the Yoshi levels the trees dance. His hovering power is rather useful and seeing his little legs run in the air makes me happy. He's just a great character!

I set out to accomplish this challenge with eyes wide open - it was to be my first multi-pieced character (as opposed to the one-piece amigurumi style). Most of Yoshi is amigurumi, but with over a dozen pieces to connect it felt a bit like a jigsaw puzzle where the right location for each pieces kept evading me. But I preserved and after several days of looking at him at different angles with pieces pinned, adjusting and looking some more, readjusting and looking some more, I finally made the plunge and sewed him together. I was pleased with the end result. It was, indeed, a labor of love and I couldn't give him away with stealing a few hugs and quality time with Yoshi all assembled. Also a photo shoot was necessary.

Most of Yoshi came from an amazing pattern from robotrish. If you need to make a Yoshi, check out the pattern here. I made a few adjustments according to what I preferred Yoshi to look like. You are welcome to use them if you like them, but you have to hit up robotrish's website for her entire pattern.

Using the same hook size you started with...

Tummy/Lower mouth (white)
I liked the look of horizontal stripes down Yoshi's tummy, so this part is done in short rows. Be sure to ch 1 at the end of your rows (unless otherwise noted as the first few rows), turn, and start your next row in the second ch from hook
Ch 4
R1: sc across (3), ch 2
R2: sc across (4), ch2
R3: sc across (5), ch 3
R4: sc across (7), ch 3
R5: sc across (9), ch 2
R6: sc across (10), ch 2
R7: sc across (11)
R8-R17: sc across (11)
R18: sc across (11), ch 2
R19: sc across (12), ch 2
R20: sc across (13)
R21: sc across (13), ch 2
R22: sc across (14), ch 2
R23: sc across (15)
R24: sc2tog, 10 sc, sc2tog (12)
R25: sc across (12)
R26: sc2tog8 sc, sc2tog (10)
I love his big nose!
R27: sc across (10)
R28: sc2tog, 6 sc, sc2tog (8)
R29: sc across (8)
R30: sl st, 6 sc, sl st (8)
sl st all the way around
F.O. and weave ends
Assembly tip: Attach securely to body piece leaving the bottom "lip" of mouth loose like he's gonna gobble up a yoshi tree fruit. Use rose colored chalk to color in the inside of the mouth for his tongue.

Check Spots - make 2 (white)
I preferred flat cheeks that were slightly larger around. This section is done in the round.
Magic Circle (6)
Rnd 1: 2 sc in each st (12)
Rnd 2: *sc, 2 sc in next st* around (18)
Rnd 3: *2 sc, 2 sc in next st* five times only (20)
F.O. and weave ends
Assembly tip: Match up "flat side" of circle to mouth/tummy strip and sew on.

Boots - make 2 (start with light brown)
I wanted a two-toned shoe and chose a rounder shape over the fold over boot. This is done in the round.
Magic Circle (6)
Rnd 1: 2 sc in each st (12)
Rnd 2: *sc, 2 sc in next st* around (18)
Rnd 3: sc around (18)
**Change to darker brown color**
Rnd 4: sc back loops only around (18)
Rnd 5: *2 sc, 2 sc in next st* four times, 6 sc (22)
Rnd 6: *3 sc, 2 sc in  next st* four times,  6 sc (26)
Assembly tip: Insert small cardboard circle to make the bottom of shoe "flat"
Rnd 7: 26 sc (26)
Rnd 8: 3 sc, sc2tog, *sc, sc2tog* around (18)
Rnd 9: 3 sc, sc2tog, *sc, sc2tog* around (12)
F.O. and weave ends
Assembly tip: match up 12 st of boot to the 12 leg st and crochet together with dark brown

Following robotrish's pattern up to R3 then my changes made it a slightly larger saddle...
R3: (still using red yarn) ch 1 and sc in same st as sl st, sc around adding 22 in the middle of rows and around edges. F.O. 
R4: (switch to white yarn) sc around front posts tightly (creates a bit of texture and bump in saddle. F.O.

Finish Yoshi following robotrish's assembly directions and you'll have anadorable Yoshi of your very own!

photos courtesy of
Sitting down this Yoshi measure about 11" in height.


  1. This is so awesome!
    Mind if I link to your blog in case others want to try out your adjustments to the pattern?

    again, nice job!

    1. I just finished making Yoshi and I love him to bits. He is a challenge with so many parts but wehn he is put together it is fantastic. thank you for making him available.

    2. I'm thrilled someone was able to use the pattern :) There are a bunch of pieces to him, but he IS worth it! I made mine for someone else, now I think I need one for myself!

    3. Hi robotrish,

      your yoshi is offline.... :'(

    4. I just tried the link for robotrish's original pattern and it worked for me! Maybe it was just down for the day. Try again, and if it doesn't work let me know and I can email it to you.

    5. The site with this pattern is down again :( I have already promised to make this sweet Yoshi for my son. Could you please e- mail me the pattern if you still have it? The address is

    6. Kari, would you send me the pattern also? My emailadress is: I couldn't open the website either.

      Thank you very much!!

      Greetz Angenita

  2. Love the changes you made using Robotrish's pattern. I am having issues with the hand/arm pattern, particularly the thumb. I have tried several times to get the thumb to lay down correctly, or fold correctly, to look somewhat decent. It just looks bulky and out of place. Could you tell me the best way to do this? I have folded it down and tried to sew.. it looks awkward. I took that part out and tried to fold it half of that and that looked wrong. I have tried to omit one of the bottom stitches of the chain 5 and sl st in the same sc to make it curve.. eh.. a bit better but not what I imagined... just not working right. email me at or message me here please~ Jill

  3. Great adjustments to the original pattern! And very precisely written. Thank you very, very much! ... Just found one tiny mistake in rows 23-25 of the tummy... To reduce from 15 to 12 SC one will have to sc2tog either in the middle of row 24 or 25. Greetings from Germany!

  4. Hey there, Robotrish's site seems to be down again and I'm not sure if it's coming back up. Does anyone has the pattern and could send it to me to pleaaase! I really need it.

    1. It is online again :)

      Can you maybe help me and tell me whether it is the american single crochet (small stitch) or the british one (yarn over, loop through,yarn over, pull through first two and then the Rest)?