Monday, June 18, 2012

Super Sonic (Sega): Crochet!

We have such an amazing talent and generous artist in Wolfdreamer when it comes to yarn art. She offers free patterns for a bunch of kid (and adult) favorite characters. Check out her website here.

Last year I took on the challenge of crocheting a Sonic the Hedgehog from her awesome pattern. It was  so fulfilling to create something COOL that you couldn't buy in a store. My youngest son, a huge Sonic fan, was beside himself with joy when he opened his new plushie Sonic for his birthday last year and still sleeps with him. You can see my version and my variations here.  A year later, as another birthday approached, he asked me for a Super Sonic. As his love for the speedy hedgehog had not waned, I couldn't resist. He was so fun to make.

Using a Deborah Norville WW in Baby Yellow and a Lily Sugar n' Cream, well, Cream, I worked Super Sonic just the same as the Sonic pattern. The only other variation was the red eyes. I tried to turn up the quills at the tips, but they don't really stay that way, which is okay. He makes a great playmate for Sonic anyway!