READ HERE before you begin one of my patterns

My patterns assume you know the basics of crochet including sc, dc, inc, dec, and working in rows & rounds.

For my amigurumi creations:
I encourage you to learn the following two techniques: 1) The Magic Circle and 2) the Invisible Decrease. There are several fantastic online tutorials on youtube that will help you understand these techniques. Be sure to include the word "crochet" in your search, or just follow the links provided. These two techniques will help make your amigurumi creations turn out tight and looking GREAT!

The numbers in parenthesis indicate how many total stitches will be performed that round or row.
A note on gauge:
I don't indicate gauge for my patterns because size doesn't matter on these! The hook sizes & yarn types listed are what I used and can be copied exactly or not. I may mention the size that mine turned out, but just know that your project will turn out differently depending on the size hook and type of yarn or thread you use. The thinner the yarn, smaller the hook or tighter your personal stitches are can all attribute to making your project on the small side. Alternatively, if you use larger hooks, bulkier yarns or have a loose stitch, these can contribute to making a larger version. Either way it'll be adorable!!