Monday, September 26, 2011

Toy Hammock: Crochet!

My darling daughter loves all things snuggly. Unlike her mother who, as a child, had only a few very dear stuffed animals. Certainly not even close to the horde my little 7 year old has amassed. And it's so easy to indulge the dear when all she wants in the world is one more dragon, pony, bird, fishy, snake (yes, snakes)...

AND I like to crochet things for her...

So needless to say after seven years of collecting and being absolutely unable to give up any of those dear plushies to Goodwill, there is nary a place for her in bed for all the sleeping buddies she has.

Something needed to be done. Thankfully, I crochet. Thankfully,  I found this great pattern by Candance from Crafty Concoction. Because I used a very large, unmarked, plastic hook (I THINK it's a P) I had to make some adjustments. I needed to decrease 2 "squares" each row and then added my own edging with some yellow flowers so it looked a bit like a meadow for her plushies to live in :)

The Meadow: before inhabitants

The meadow: piled high with its denizens

So now there is at least a bit more room for the princess to lay her head at night :)


  1. it looks great! So many stuffies! :)
    & thanks for the linkback.

  2. What a great plan to clear the bed, I have a ridiculous amount of toys and cuddly stuff and I don't have the excuse of a kid to blame it on, they are all mine, lol!

  3. Can you post a pattern for it I need one I have so many stuffed animals! Mostly ones i crocheted

    1. Yes! The pattern is already posted at

      Happy Hooking!

  4. Sad day ... The pattern was removed!

  5. Here's a similar pattern:

  6. Nice post! Will make this for kids soon!
    Sharing some amazing crochet hammock banana patterns!