Sunday, July 24, 2011

Boy Robot

Here is     Boy Robot      from Ana Paula Rimoli's book Amigurumi Two! It is full of adorable patterns for babies and this, in fact, is going to be given to a baby, so that's handy :)

He worked up really easily and after a few go's at the face, I settled on a button eye with felt sewed on behind for a cute robot-ish look.

Another great thing about     Boy Robot      is that I was able to use several yarn remnants from other projects:

The Blue I used on Yoshi and Sonic
The Lime I used on the Ben-10 Omnitrix
The Orange I used on Elmo's nose and Yoshi's spikes
The Grey I used on the Ben-10 Omintrix and a
Sherlock Holmes hat (which I haven't posted about yet...)

I guess those 4 colors are great colors to have on hand!

Get it...crochet...on hand...yarn is on your hand when you crochet...ahem....

Bad joke, I know, but it is high time I started with the bad puns on here ;)

Boy Robot      is about 14 inches "standing" up. 

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