Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Marcel the Shell (with shoes on): Crochet Version!

Yep. the Eyes Have It

If you've been following along and read my W.I.P. on Marcel (check out this post with the "before" pictures here) then you'll be pleased to know that I finally decided and went with the googley eye! I am sure there could be many different versions of crochet Marcel, but here's just ONE of the ways you could go about getting your very own

Marcel the Shell (with Shoes on): Crochet Version!

You will need:
E hook
G hook
WW soft brown yarn
WW white yarn
WW pink yarn
WW seaweed green yarn
1" googley eye
Brown & white felt
yarn needle/embroidery needle

Using soft brown yarn and Hook Size E
Begin by working in the round...
Magic Circle (6)
R1: *sc 1, 2 sc in next st* around (9)
R2: dhc around (9)
R3: 2 sc in ea st around in front loops only (18)
R4: dhc around (18)
R5: *sc 5, 2 sc in next st* around in front loops only (21)
R6: dhc around (21)
R7: *sc 5, dec 1* around in front loops only (18)
R8: *2dhc in next st* 8 times, *1dhc, 2dhc in next st* 5 times (31)
R9: dhc around (31)
R10: dhc around (31)
R11: dhc around (31)
R12: dhc around (31)
R13: sc around in front loops only (31)
R14: *5 sc, dec 1* around (24)
here you will start working in rows and shaping the googley eye hole...
R15: dhc 18, ch 10, sl st to first dhc of this row (you should sk 6 st when you do this)
R16: 1 sc into next st and sc across chain row, 1 sc into next st, turn, ch 1
R17: sc across chain row, 1 sc into next st, turn, ch 1
R18:  sc across chain row, 1 sc into next st, turn, ch 1
R19: sc across chain row, 2 sc down shell side, turn, ch 1
R20: sc across chain row decreasing twice evenly, 1 sc down shell side, turn, ch 1
R21: sc across chain row decreasing once in the middle, 2 sc down shell side, turn (do not ch 1)
R22: sc across chain row decreasing once, 1 sc on side of shell
Connect chain row to the shell by matching stitches between the two rows
(you may need to sc2tog once or twice)

front of shell

back of shell

SHOES (make 2):
Start using White and have Pink at the ready, Hook Size E
Work in rows...
Ch 5
R1: sc across (4), turn, ch 2
R2: sc across (5), turn, ch 2
R3: sc across (6), turn, ch 1
R4-R7: sc across, (6), turn, ch 1

Start working in the round...
R8: sl st around (23)
R9: sl st in front loops only (23) sl st into first st on this round. F.O.
Starting 1/2 way on one of the longest sides of shoes, attach pink
R10: 10 sc,  drop pink and join white , 13 sc (23)
R11: (p/u pink) 1 sc, dec, 4 sc, dec, 1 sc, ( p/u white ) 2 sc, dec, 2 sc, dec, 2 sc, dec, 1 sc (18)
R12: (p/u pink), dec four times, (cut pink and leave tail inside shoe, p/u white ), 2 sc, dec, 2 sc, dec, 2 sc (12)
R13: 12 sc (12)
F.O. &  Stuff

Using Green and Hook size G
Working in the round...
Magic Circle (6)
R1: 2 sc in each st around (12)
R2: 12 dhc around (12)
F.O. tightly to cup the circle.
Glue 1" googley eye into the eye cup.


Stuff Shell firmly through eye hole, adjusting firmness with the shape of the shell

Using a good embroidery thread or matching yarn, sew shoes onto the underside of shell

Using a good embroidery thread or matching yarn, sew green eye cup in the hole of the shell

Cut out Dark Brown and Off-White felt in the shape of Marcel's mouth/teeth and sew in place on shell

Grab a few yarn scraps and tie together with embroidery thread to give Marcel a doggie :)
"My one regret in life is that I will never have a dog, but sometimes
I take a hair and tie it to a piece of lint and drag it around"
~Marcel the Shell (with shoes on)


  1. Is dhc supposed to be hdc? I am assuming it's a typo, but just thought I'd make sure.

    I love Marcel the Shell! I'm making him for my sister in law's 18th birthday. :)

  2. This is amazing. I actually stumbled upon this while looking for Marcel things online. I know nothing when it comes to crochet. So, I am asking for your assistance. Is there anyway to pay you to make one of these for me? My wife recently discovered Marcel and is in love with it. This would be such an incredible Christmas gift for her. It would be so very much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

  3. I'm so happy to meet another Marcel the Shell fan ^_^ I would love to make one for your wife. The easiest way to do this is for you to check out my listing on my etsy page and purchase "Shelly" (name changed due to licensing issues) if you like her. I'll make one just for you as soon as the payment clears! It normally takes me 3-4 days to complete Marcel and then I'll ship her off to you!


    1. Hi Kari, do you sitll have an etsy page??? Im dying to have this little shelly but the link is unavailable.

  4. Hey, I would like to by a "Shelly with shoes". Please email me back at gabriel.alexander.german@gmail.com. I would need it made and shipped to someone by Christmas if that isn't too much trouble. Thanks!

  5. P/U means to "pick up" the color of yarn indicated and continue with that new color

  6. I made this and it is so cute! My daughter loves Marcel and is away at college so I'm going to send it to her. Thanks!!!

    1. Yay! Thank you for your comment. I'm thrilled the pattern worked for you :) Happy Hooking!

  7. Kari,
    I am the Editor over at AllFreeCrochet.com and I just love this project. I know my readers would love it too. I would love to post a project link to it on my website with full credit to you. If you are interested, please send an email to kpope@primecp.com for more info.
    Thanks so much.

  8. Thank you for this pattern! Just made a Marcel and he is just as cute as he is in his videos,

    1. Thank you, Christine! I'm thrilled it worked for you!

  9. Am I doing something wrong here? I am unable to sc5, decrease by 1 (by sc'ing 2tog) and reach a count of 24.

    R13: sc around in front loops only (31)
    R14: *5 sc, dec 1* around (24)

  10. Hey Kari!!

    I am taking a long shot but are you still selling or able to make me one of these Marcel the Shells crochets? MY wife is a BIG fan of this and is soo excited for the movie. Her birthday is coming up and I would love to be able to surprise her with one of these. I know it would just make the world to her to have one of these!!! Let me know and willing to workout whatever to make it work.