Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flowers in her hair

I finally grew my hair out long enough to donate it to Locks of Love! It was so great to ship off my 10 inches of hair knowing it'll go to a great cause. Last time I was able to donate I got a cute little bob and all was well. This time, however, either the length requirement got longer, or my hair didn't grow as much as I thought it had because a cute little bob wasn't in the cards for me. I got a pixie cut. My awesome hair dresser let me know that it would look great on me and that I would be in good company since at the time Emma Watson debuted her recent pixie cut. So it was off with my hair!

It was a shocking first moment for my family to see mommy with such a drastic change. I got comments like "Mommy Bieber" and "Man Mom." I wasn't thrilled with the comments, but endured it as my friends supported my efforts and said I looked great. However, it wasn't like it was going to grow back in a week, or even a month, so I decided to whip up some hair doodads for a feminine touch. 

double flower barrette with button center

blue is a staple in my wardrobe

the kids' school colors for when I sport my spirit wear

Next I'm going to be bolder and make some that are quite a bit bigger and splashier! For now a simple touch of color will do :)


  1. Oooo loving the flower do-dads! Very pretty and well done you for giving your hair to a great cause :-)