Monday, August 15, 2011

Lil' Apple Pot

It is mid-August, the time of year the mommies and daddies are thinking back-to-school thoughts while the kiddies are treasuring the precious few days they have left of summer vacation. I admit that the seeds of school-y thoughts have indeed drifted down and found purchase in my mind and I can practically smell the chalk and erasers from the classrooms of my youth (does the same nostalgia come from dry erase boards?). I can nearly feel the weight of a backpack full of books and my new supplies up on my shoulders and almost taste the crisp morning air as I wait for the big yellow school bus. As I these thoughts continue to grow roots I find my eyes are drawn towards all things with primary colors: folders in glossy red, rulers painted yellow, and notebooks in brilliant blue! What a great time of year!

It is in this vein that I post my adaptation of Ana Paula's Amigurumi Apple Pattern.
 I call it: Lil' Apple Pot...

A fun little pot for rainbows of coloring crayons! 

Also, a perfect home for our Lil' Garden Friend...

I think Lil' Caterpillar and Lil' Apple Pot might just sneak her way into a backpack 
on the first day of school ^_^


  1. Ok, that's adorable- and it totally hits me in my teacher heart! You ought to open an etsy store and sell some of your great creations!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment! I am on the PTA board this year and getting super excited for the start of a GREAT's gonna bleed through into my yarn addiction :) I am thinking more and more about etsy!

  3. Thank you, my friend! I can't believe how quickly August is zooming by...ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!