Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chain Chomp Hat

I had a brilliant idea to crochet something Super Mario Bros related for each of my children this Christmas. There are some GREAT patterns and inspiration out there but I was still fairly green at this crochet thing and the amazing patterns like wolfdreamer's Mario and Luigi  seemed a bit out of my league. So after much deliberation I settled on the Chain Chomp Hat for my eldest. I figured it could get double use as a toy and keep his ears warm through the winter.

My inspiration for this project was based entirely on fashiondiva's creation at Cut Out + Keep found here. I dug around for cute & easy crocheted beanie and decided to follow this pattern but kept the rounds going amigurumi style instead of joining as suggested.

*4 dc into one st, sk, sl st, sk* repeat for scalloping

To the beanie pattern I added a scallop edging in white for teeth front and back. I fastened white sc chains made into loops as eyes.

back of hat has teeth, too

Grey sc chains made into loops attached at the tippy top are his chain (gotta have one broken chain at the end to show that he's OFF HIS CHAIN - WATCH OUT!)

It turned out a bit big for a 9-year-old head but did get some use and perhaps his brains will grow into it in the coming years.

 Thanks to my adorable model you can see just how large it turned out with a G hook and WW yarn.

I'll post the my other Nintendo Super Mario Bros crocheted projects soon!

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