Monday, May 16, 2011

Skateboard for your Puffle

After making the black puffles for my kids, they hinted that skateboarding is what makes their new pets the most happy. They also just happened to mention that as good puffle owners, they needed to provide said entertainment for them. I obliged.

This simple pattern will take you 15 minutes at most and is worked in rows. Note that you will always start the new row in the second ch from hook unless otherwise noted.

G Hook
WW yarn
4 large plastic beads (for the wheels)

Ch 22
Row 1: 21 sc, ch 2, turn
Row 2: 22 sc, ch 2, turn
Row 3: 23 sc, ch 1, turn
Row 4: 23 sc, ch 1, turn
Row 5: 23 sc, ch 1 turn
Row 6: sctog2, 19 sc, sctog2, ch 1, turn
Row 7: 19 sc, sctog2, ch 1 turn
Row 8: sl st 20 across
Continue to sl st around the rest of the circumference (8 sl st on short side, 21 sl st on foundation ch, 9 sl st on short side)
Sl st into last ch of Row 7
F.O. & Weave ends

The board should be slightly concave after the sl st "oval" is complete. Find the bottom of board and position the 4 bead "wheels" using yarn or embroidery thread to secure them to skateboard. Weave ends.

Voila! One perfect fitting skateboard for the puffle pattern I posted!

Variation: Don't put beads on and you have a snowboard ;)


  1. haha!! I like your puffle! I want to crochet a cat toy for my friends new baby but im afraid it will take me forever. i am the slowest crocheter around!

  2. Thanks, Hearthandmade! And I couldn't knit if my life depended on it. But I hope to change that one day ;)

  3. I am looking for a crochet skateboard pattern. Does anyone know where I can find one?