Friday, May 27, 2011

Pink Flower

My little Ballerina had her first recital this spring! She was the most graceful one in her class. No, I'm not biased. Well, okay, a little. But she *was* a perfect vision in  pink  that night!

I thought my tiny dancer needed to feel like a ballerina from head to toe.!! Toes...painted pink! But she needed a little  pink  to adorn her lovely ballerina bun.

photography courtesy of
 I have never before worked with crochet 10 thread (and the itty bitty crochet hook that goes with). I think I dried out my contacts for not blinking as I worked on this, but it was worth it! We pinned the flower atop her bun with bobby pins and it actually stayed on for the entire recital :)

Kari's Ponderings...Next year when all 3 kiddos are in full day school I'm thinking I may have the time to bust out some more of these darling hair frou frous for my future etsy store. I think they could appeal to little girls and big girls alike! I know I like to mix fancy with the everyday when I dress so I have sported the frou frou in my hair with a sage button-up, pair a jeans and my gold flats.  I think they'd be well received on a handmade site. What crocheted items would you be tempted to buy on etsy?


  1. These are just darling, Kari! It would be cute on a headband, too!

  2. Great idea, Julianna! I'm not a huge jewelry person, but I do have a thing for hair accessories :)